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WHY I Do What I Do...

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I elevate my Sellers' homes to "Featured" status, and help my Buyers find exactly the homes they want!

No two clients, no two homes, and no two transactions are ever alike. Clients' needs are complex and unique.

No two agents are alike, either. Excellent agents just make it look simple.

In everything I do, with each person I help, I challenge the status quo. I believe in thinking creatively, proactively, to help you realize your goals. I help you accomplish more and get better results.

Washingtonian by Birth,
Lawyer by Training,
Realtor® by Choice

You deserve the world-class professional consulting I deliver to my clients. I believe in what I do. I make homes easy to find and accessible. My purpose is to make you so outrageously happy that you will gladly introduce me to your friends and colleagues who may also need my help.

-- Best regards, Hill

Be sure to read "What My Clients Say..." (in the middle column). Then contact me. I am always available to you by phone and by email.

VIDEO: Home Ownership

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The Many Benefits of Home Ownership

Your Success is My Primary Goal

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Q. Have you bought or sold real estate recently?

"How hard can it be?" you might ask. I'll tell you.

You are entering into a major transaction, the purchase of a lifetime, and the fulfillment of your dreams. You are excited, anxious, enthusiastic, and nervous. Together, let's lay the foundation for a rewarding experience and successful deal.

Buying and selling or leasing a city or country home is a complex contractual, marketing, legal and financial process. Regulatory requirements ... New state and federal legislation ... Lender program changes and limitations ... Contract contingencies ... Sometimes involving over 100 very specific forms and legal documents. The technical paperwork is daunting and time-consuming for those unfamiliar with it.

Don't be overwhelmed. You absolutely benefit from having an expert representing and helping YOU.

My goals are
to make it as easy as possible for you,
to represent you fully, and
to exceed expectations.

© 2011 Hill Slowinski
Specialized Help Q&A

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Ask me for help with new transitions or to help solve some of life's challenges. For example:

* Have a unique upper bracket property that will benefit from special handling, introduction to qualified buyers, and focused exposure to international markets?
I extend W.C. & A.N. Miller's long-standing exclusive Christie's International Real Estate affiliation and Long & Foster's Extraordinary Properties programs for unsurpassed marketing reach and results. Clients needing discretion and families valuing privacy demand respect, security, and special requirements.

* Have a new college graduate who is interested in renting or buying her first home?
I can help her locate a good home that meets her needs and fits her budget.

* Are senior or elderly parents interested in finding a smaller home in an active retirement or assisted living community?
We’ll find them rental, condominium, and cooperative facilities all within reach and match their next interests and needs.

* Dreaming of building your own home and looking for a vacant lot or urban setting to match your specifications?
We have leads on vacant land, lots, and country listings, from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, that might be a good fit with your ideas and needs.

* Moving out of the area and need a professional realtor in another location in the US or in another part of the world?
As one of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we have an international network of over 5,000 offices with 150,000+ associates in more than 30 countries to help you with all your plans.

... just a few among many more examples our help exceeds all expectations and any other service levels.

"A Partnership of Excellence"

Professional Memberships

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Your Realtor / Consultant

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"Absolutely the right choice!"
Specializing in Fine Properties in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.

. . .• 2014 Chairman's Club, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co • 2014 Long & Foster Gold Team • Top Producer Million+ Listings 11/13 • Top Producer Rentals 12/13 • Top Producer Million+ Sales 9/13 • Top Producer Rentals 4/13 • 2012 Long & Foster Gold Team • 2012 Chairman's Club, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co • #9 Top Producer in W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors 2011 • Top 28 Washington Metro region 2011 • Top 139 Montgomery County/DC Regions 2011 • #11 of over 350 W.C. & A.N. Miller Agents in Washington DC area - January-July 2011 • #93 of over 12,600 Long & Foster Agents Nationwide - January-July 2011 • Top Producer Million+ Dollar Sales - June 2011 • Top Producer Million+ Dollar Sales - May 2011 • Top 1% of 12,600 Long & Foster Agents - January-April 2011 • #55 of 12,600 Long & Foster Agents – 1/11 • Top Producer Million+ Dollar Sales – 1/11 • Top Producer - Sales, Bethesda "All Points" office – 1/11 • #23 of 12,600 Long & Foster Agents Nationwide - 12/10 • Top Producer Million+ Dollar Sales - 12/10 • 2010 President's Club, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co • Top Producer Million+ Dollar Sales - 8/10 • Top 2% of Long & Foster Agents Nationwide - 8/2010 .• 2009 President's Club, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co. • Top Producer of Million+ Dollar Sales - 11/09 • "Top 2% of Long & Foster Agents Nationwide" 4/09 • Special Long & Foster Special Service Award, Inauguration Events, 2009 • 2008 President's Club, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co. • 2008 Silver Award, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co. • Certified in Leasing Transactions, 2008 • #77 of 16,500 Long & Foster Agents Nationwide - 4/08 • 2007 Executives Club, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co. • 2007 Silver Award, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®, A Long & Foster Co. • "#33 of 16,500 Long & Foster Agents" 11/07 ... and so on...

Often cited by local and national press as an expert on the local and luxury real estate markets, Hill has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, NBC Channel 4, NBC Washington, USA Channel 9, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, Politico, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Oman Daily Observer, Urban Turf, The Gazette Newspapers, Potomac Almanac, and other local media.
What My CLIENTS Say ...

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"To Whom It May Concern:

"Having recently retired and moved to the West Coast, we faced the task of selling our beloved Bethesda home after 25 years. To guide us through this emotion-laden process, we turned to Hill Slowinski, whom we have also known for 25 years. Despite the fact that we put the house onto a softening market at the onset of the harshest winter in memory, Hill guided us to a very successful result in a reasonable period of time. And Hill did this without our physical presence in the DC area.

"Hill is a gentleman in the full sense, self-confident but never pushy or arrogant. He never hesitated to give us his recommendations, but always listened to our concerns and questions. We found Hill always well-informed on complex laws and regulations governing real estate transactions, and he advised us ably on how to protect ourselves from potential risks.

"Hill gave us a very clear overview of the sales process at our first meeting, and provided expert advice on the most cost-effective improvements to “refresh” the house before showing. He personally oversaw all the work on the house, and pro-actively organized numerous open-house showings. He frequently went the extra-mile for us on matters such as snow removal, yard clean-up, unanticipated repairs, and hauling away debris from the attic or basement.

"Hill negotiated very well on our behalf. He told us politely when we would be advised to accede to a potential buyer’s reasonable request, and when we should hold firm or simply “wait and see.” As a result, the whole process was much less stressful than it could have been, and we secured a sales price well within the range we hoped for.

"Our experience reaffirmed the high regard in which we have long held Hill Slowinski. We would recommend him to any prospective buyer or seller. He is truly tops, in our book."

-- Scott & Jan Kilner, Palo Alto, CA

"Hello, Hill,

"Thank you for the compliments and support, but you deserve most of the credit for the success of the sale of my family home in Chevy Chase. Having never sold a house before, let alone one in which I had not lived for 40 years, the task was daunting, to say the least. Your knowledge of the market, tips for presenting the house successfully, pricing it to move during what I understand is typically a slow time of year, and patience in dealing with prospective buyers were major contributions in closing the sale in less than three months.

"Thanks for all your help and, if/when we decide to sell our house, we’ll keep you in mind. Please fell free to use this as a testimonial. Take care."

-- Michael J. Gidding, Esq., Bethesda, MD

"Dear Hill,

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible handling of the sale of my Maryland property. Your expertise, attention to detail, professionalism and sense of calm were outstanding. Not to mention your follow thru on every aspect of the sale from listing to the closing. It is my pleasure to send you a " highly recommend" message for you to use for future clients.

"When it came time to sell my property, living in another state, but having been a broker in Maryland many years ago, I had a list of real estate brokers to interview. You were the only person who followed thru immediately and exerted no pressure on me what so ever, to use your services. You gladly shared your expertise of the real estate market with me and your positive approach only made my respect and admiration grow during the process of selling of my house. You took what is one of life's most stressful situations and made it a good experience. Your commitment to your clients is unique, in this day and age, so the decision to hire you came very easily --- there was no contest really. You were in constant contact with me through out the whole process,very professional, knowledgeable, dedicated,determined, a good listener and were very communicative about the Market. You made me feel like I was your most important client and you did everything in preparing my house to sell it in this challenging economy. You inspire confidence. I was very impressed and greatly appreciated how you dealt with getting the house ready for market, using your business connections to help stage, repair, or do whatever else was needed to get it sold. Your constant personal onsite attention to every detail was outstanding.

"Your hands on approach to every aspect of this transaction no doubt lead to its quick sale in 14 days. You were realistic and confident and dealt with all the ups and downs with a great sense of humor, and you were very diplomatic in dealing with any problems that arose. You never let anything fall thru the cracks, you kept me constantly informed, and you even went above adn beyond in dealing with issues that being a single woman totally would have "sent me over the deep end" had I had to deal with them on my own. Instead you had total control of every situation and had me laughing most of the time when situations could have stressed me out. In this age of increasing impersonal contact, you delivered -- You went above and beyond your call of duty in performing what it took to sell my property. Your honesty, commitment, advice and strategies used to sell my property were so helpful to me, and I always felt you had my best interests at heart.

"I have done over a dozen real estate transactions and I can honestly say you have been the best agent I have had the pleasure to work with. Your availability to me at anytime and your true professionalism sets a standard for the real estate business. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting the best experience, the best broker one can have whether buying or selling their property. You have a smooth, efficient, very professional and positive work ethic and I am sincerely grateful for the incredible job you did in selling my home. Thank you again for making this transaction so easy on me."

-- Rochanya Generous, West Palm Beach, Florida and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"Working with Hill was an absolute pleasure. My wife and I are young first time home buyers who knew little about the process. Hill patiently showed us houses for almost two years without ever pressuring us. When we did find the right house Hill was solidly in our corner. He managed to get us the house significantly BELOW the listing price in a bull market where bidding wars were driving up prices on other properties. Not only was the house perfect, but so was the price after Hill showed off his negotiating skills! Hill guided us through the inspection process and his legal background left us very comfortable and knowledgeable as to what we were signing (and there is a lot of paperwork when you buy a house!). I would highly recommend Hill."

-Jack Hubbard, Alexandria, VA


"Thanks for all your help on this project.  We started this "downsizing project" in September of last year and to think we are a few days from completion with a great outcome is remarkable. You have done an outstanding job in making this all happen.

"On another issue, our friends visited last week-end.  They have been trying to sell their "ranch" (asking price $2 million) for a couple years without success using local agents.  They were very curious as to how you were able to sell our house at the asking price in a couple weeks. We showed them the piece with pictures you had put together which they thought was great.  They were interested in your affiliation with Christie's and how that all works.  They feel that they have a special piece of property, house and barns, which is going to take a special buyer and how do they let people know, beyond [their region], it exists.  I told them I would ask you.  Thanks again."

-- Jane and Tom  O'Farrell, LaPlata, MD and Hagerstown, MD


"I cannot thank you enough for all you did to make this sale a success:  managing the requisite paperwork, directing contractors, keeping me on the straight and narrow, and certainly the toughest job:  getting [everyone] to execute according to deadlines.

"You directed the sale magnificently from start to finish!  As a remote seller, I required local assistance managing a myriad of replacement, upgrade and cleaning challenges to prepare the property for sale.  You identified the most suitable contractors, set up appointments and supervised thorough execution.  Without this superior level of service, the speedy, smooth and successful transaction would have been impossible.

"Best wishes to you and yours,"

-- Chris Kenyon, Bethesda, MD and Cary, NC

"Dear Hill --

"Thanks so much for making this all work.  This was the easiest and most uneventful real estate transaction we have ever been involved in--thanks to your knowledge of the Washington market, your attention to our personal situation, and your quick and thorough responsiveness to all our questions.  We appreciate your making the sale of our home of 30 years a breeze!"

-- Bruce and Randy Boyer, Bethesda , MD and Sacramento, CA


"My wife and I would like to thank you for your time, effort and professionalism in our efforts to find the house we were looking for. Given our very particular idea about how such house and surroundings should look like, we were not expecting to be able to find something quickly. Nevertheless, due to your ability to not only react quickly when we saw the opportunity, but also your very close attention to the process and constant following up, we were able to make an offer quickly and ultimately closed on the home we are looking forward to live in. Following the acceptance of the offer, your advice on the what to think of, whom to get involved at what time made the previously tense process from offer to acceptance very smooth throughout. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.


-- Christian Peter, Bethesda, MD


"Congratulations on becoming a member of the Chairman’s Club on the Gold Team. Achieving the status of #9, in the top 28 Washington Metro, and in the Top 139 Montgomery County/DC regions is a fantastic accomplishment in the two years since 5/10/09 in an extremely competitive environment. It is an outstanding award that required many hours of dedicated work and great creative thinking expressed in your newsletters.

-- Frank H. Roberts, Beaufort, S.C.

"Hill Slowinski is the perfect Realtor. He walked us through the entire purchasing process step by step and was with us the entire time. He explained every detail and answered every question we had as first-time home buyers. He treated us with respect and kindness, and that made us feel like we were his most important client. When it came to the negotiations, that’s where he really out-shined the rest, getting us everything we wanted and getting us the perfect home. He had our backs the whole time and worked amazingly fast. His professionalism, fast response time, patience and persistence made him the perfect realtor for us, and he will be the perfect choice for all other buyers. Thank you so much!"

-- Michael Dowdy and Sasha Kotliarova, Montgomery Village, MD


"Thank you so much for all your time and hard work. You have helped make our small family extremely happy.  You were extremely professional and always accessible which made us feel at ease throughout the entire process.  Thank you for your patience and ability to so quickly work up the multitude of contracts needed.   We have stayed the first night in the new house and all the time and headaches were most definitely worth it. We know we will be very happy here."  

-- Brian Searby and Grace McNicholas, Silver Spring, MD

"Our family is moving from Chicago to the Bethesda area, and Hill Slowinski has been a fantastic resource. He clearly understood what we were looking for and carefully tailored searches to the types of places in our desired area. He was readily available and extremely timely responding to e-mail - especially given the time difference. When we arrived in Bethesda, he was ready with a very manageable plan. We found a place we are very happy with, and he was able to complete all of the paperwork in time for us to have time to get to know our new neighborhood. We highly recommend Hill for any prospective renters or buyers, and we look forward to using him again if we decide to purchase a home."

-- Dr. Dan Felten and Dr. Cherina Cyborski, Chicago, IL and Bethesda, MD

"Hill brought a depth of knowledge that I'd not seen from any realtor during the boom when I first moved to the DC area. His persistence and energy were invaluable. With the reality of the market's fluctuations, my house sold after we raised the price, not lowered it. He's a sensible guy who takes all of the factors into account. He really knows what one should expect. (He even mowed the lawn before an open house when my gardener didn't show up!)

"Not only did Hill advise me and work through every detail in the sale of my home, but he was able to secure some fantastic options quickly in the rental market! He's a smart guy who knows the business and the law. Never a bad combination, especially in the D.C. area! Thanks Hill!"

-- Lydia A. Ash, Washington, DC

"Several times in the last three years, Hill has been a great help to me moving in, buying, leasing, buying again, leasing again, and moving out of the Washington DC area. Due to the international nature of my work I am currently out of the country. Regardless, his number is on my cell phone speed dial for when I repatriate!"

--Antonio DiStefano, Washington, DC and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Hill Slowinski makes the renting process painless. He’s everything you would want in an agent- reliable, dedicated, hardworking and attentive to your needs. I had two weeks to find and move into a rental during Christmas-and Hill found a way to get it done. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for any agent. Case in point for me -- he literally picked up crickets in my rental house to get it ready for me to live in. Anyone would be lucky to have him as their representative."

--Terri Lakowski, Esq., CEO
Active Policy Solutions, Washington, DC

"I had been searching for a new place to rent for months. One morning, the perfect listing finally appeared. I called Hill and he made sure I was able to see it that night, and he walked me step-by-step through the process so that I knew what to do if I wanted the apartment. Thanks to Hill, my months-long search was over in days without any stress."

-- Andrea Lee, Washington, DC

"Dear Hill.

"You gave me a good chuckle by saying you know I'm not at a loss for words! In all seriousness, you have made a very difficult task of cleaning out and selling a home 3000 miles away that I know nothing about into a very easy and wonderful experience and I am extremely grateful to you. I can't thank you enough for your help and your guidance. You have been there consistently for me and answered my inquiries immediately. You've even gone so far as taking me to Home Depot while I was in town to guide me in purchases there! That's above and beyond! I am so impressed with how easily this whole transition has gone and I'm thrilled that the buyer is as happy as I am. Thank you Hill. I wish you were in Southern California so I could send everyone I know to you!"

-- Linda Peterson, West Covina, CA


"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your time, effort and commitment with the search ultimately finding the excellent location reducing my office commute to less than 5 minutes. Fantastic results! I could not have achieved with out you. With all of the “what can you do for me realtors” out today it is a pleasure to have found someone form the old school of customer service/satisfaction comes first. The extremely short find time I faced was a walk in the park thanks to you. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

---Gerald M. Shealey, President & CEO
Executive Personnel Services, Inc., Washington, DC

"To Whom It May Concern:

"I would certainly recommend that you consider contacting Hill Slowinski for his advice and input. We work with many, many real estate agents and he one of the best. In my opinion, he is at the top of a very small list of true professionals in the real estate brokerage business in this region."

-- William Z. Fox, CAI, Chairman & CEO
-- John W. Mabry III, AARE, President & COO
Fox Residential Auctions, LLC, Baltimore, MD

"Dear Hill,

"Thank for all of your work, for taking care of all the details, your time and effort put in getting the parsonage to settlement and into making the sale. You are a great "team" and it is exciting to know that the sale [is] finalized I know that most/many realtors would not have done the due diligence you did. It is a big weight off of many of our shoulders."

-- Carol Sissala, President, Board of Trustees
Potomac United Methodist Church, Potomac, MD


"I would like to thank you and your clients for making this transaction so smooth and a true partnership between buyer and seller. I have been party to a few previous real estate transactions, and none went as easily as this one, due in no small part to the hard work, attention to detail and focus of you and Heidi. Very best regards, "

-- Greg S. Pruett, Alemeda, CA

"Dear Hill and WC & AN Miller/Long & Foster,

"I want to express my appreciation for the work that Hill Slowinski did for us. Often, I would call him at the last moment to ask if he had time to show me another gem that I found on the internet. He always figured out a way to see them very soon after I called. But most of all, I would like to comment on his intelligence about the real estate business. We had other issues and questions from the sale of our home handled by another agent from another company that regularly was selling properties over a million dollars. Her manner consistently made me feel as if our property was not worth her time. She wasn't even with us at settlement. In contrast, Hill helped us through both our sale and purchase. We wish that we had listed with him for the sale of our home, alas the papers were signed.

"We heartily endorse Hill and will tell all our friends about him when they need help. His newsletters give his clients an accurate viewpoint of the real estate world and his manner and intelligence on the subject is one to pay attention to. Thank you Hill!"

--- Katy and Stuart Hunt, Silver Spring, MD

"Dear Hill,

"I am deeply grateful for your professional service and careful attention to detail. It was a fine experience to deal with someone who shared my desire for an exceptional tenant. You and your distinguished company played a crucial role in the transaction, and I am very pleased. It would be a privilege to refer anyone I know to you. I look forward to continued association as business may require. Thank you."

--- George B. Lane, Jr., Ph.D., Bethesda and Gaithersburg, MD

"Dear Hill,

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding service. You really made the process of buying our riverfront vacation property as easy as it possibly could have been. I have never had real estate agent take care of so many details for me before. Buying a property and performing a feasibility study from four-hours drive away could have been a tedious task. Thanks for doing all the hard work. I would not dream of using another agent. Merry Christmas!"

---- Peter & Susie Fougerousse, Cary, NC and Charles County, MD

“Hill Slowinski did a terrific job on the recent sale of our house. He was always available, helpful, and informative as we went through the process of listing and then the sale of our home. His due diligence led to the successful completion of the sale in a short period of time. Most sales wouldn't have been as smooth nor would all realtors have given us the daily attention that we received from Mr. Slowinski. We truly appreciate how easy he made everything for us.”

--- John and Carol Sissala, Frederick, MD

"Dear Hill!

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your colleague for a fantastic job on this deal. I really liked the competent, thoughtful, sometimes passionate, always sincere handling of the search phase as well as the good care you took of us in every sense! In the offer and negotiations phase I really appreciated your strong advice which ultimately made this a strong and decisive offer! Finally, I really liked the good teamwork you displayed in the final phase. Hill, you really added value in addition to standing in for your colleague! I liked how confidently your colleague handed the contract over in the final phase and fully empowered you to take over!"

--- Cheers, Ulrich Hess, Washington, DC

"Hill --

"You know we deal with many REALTORS and I know I speak for John as well when I say that you are one of the very FEW true professionals out there. "

-- William Z. Fox, CAI, Chairman & CEO
-- John W. Mabry III, AARE, President & COO
Fox Residential Auctions, LLC, Baltimore, MD

"I work in a high-pressure corporate environment on transportation megaprojects. I had to move to Washington quickly, but I didn't have much time to search for housing. Hill came through and was able to find a premium in-town condominium with the best views of Washington and its landmarks. Plus I had fun working with him!"

--- Antonio DiStefano, Washington, DC

"We had a family move to make from New York to Bethesda and we couldn't have been luckier to have had the assistance of Hill Slowinski. He knew every inch of the neighborhoods we were interested in. He had grown up and raised his family in the area so his knowledge of the details of neighborhoods and life was extraordinary. We truly felt that Hill gave us first class service—incredibly timely, rapid responses, and once we settled on a home he kept all aspects moving for us when both we and the owners were out of town. He never lost a detail and was there to meet us with keys the morning of our “move in” day. Hill was the glue that held our move together in the most professional and courteous manner. Absolutely the right choice!"

--- Lisa Mensah and Barry Ford, Bethesda, MD


"You did an excellent job for me and my father in negotiating the terms of his co-op purchase and advising us on each facet through settlement. We look forward to having you represent us in the near future when we put his house on the market."

Willem Polak, Alexandria, VA

"We have bought and sold half a dozen houses in our lives. Hill Slowinski was at the top of the list of those representing us over the years. Hill is super-competent, thorough, and on top of his game. He knew the answers to any questions we had and represented us the way a careful lawyer should. Not only that, he was a pleasure to work with: courteous, kind and thoughtful."

--- Michael D. Langan, Joanne E. Langan, Naples, FL

"In our move from Manhattan to the Bethesda area, we worked with Hill for over fifteen months looking for a condo that could fulfill our relatively stringent requirements. Hill’s enduring patience and reliability during an often frustrating search were major factors enabling us to finally find a new home that fully met expectations. In addition, Hill’s knowledge of local market conditions proved of great value in facilitating a speedy, fair and successful negotiation."

--- M. C. Lang & Gene Burkett, Bethesda, MD

"Hill wasn’t even our agent when we were treated to his premier services. We were overseas when Hill’s clients, our new tenants, moved in earlier this year, so we asked if he could take care of the handover after our own agent declined. No hesitation, no charge for what has been one of the best service experiences I have encountered. While we weren’t his clients it certainly felt like we were his top priority. Hill’s dedication and people-first approach has won some new clients."

--- Chris Dermody, Bethesda, MD

"In 2006, 2007, and again in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, Hill Slowinski acted as our real estate agent to identify and sign up tenants for short term rentals while we were out of town. Our house was fully furnished and we naturally wanted tenants who would take care of the premises and cause us no problems. On both counts we couldn't have been more pleased. On the first occasion, I was out of town when the tenant was signed up. Hill went carefully over the house and purchased items (e.g., smoke alarm, a/c filters) that we had neglected. He speedily drew up contracts that met our needs and those of the tenants. Once or twice when we got into a technical mess with the county over some obscure regulatory requirements, Hill found ways to resolve the problems to the satisfaction of all. Even after his job of arranging the rental was finished, Hill was always and quickly available for consultation and advice whenever a problem arose. I could always trust his technical knowledge and judgment. "My wife and I would heartily recommend Hill to anyone seeking an agent to handle a rental or sale."

--- Henry Precht, Bethesda, MD

"Dear Hill,

"We could not be happier that you found and we now enjoy a gem of a penthouse condo – and our first choice from the many we saw! And given that we needed to find something and settle in quickly, it all happened in only six weeks – 3 weeks from search to contract, and 3 weeks from contract to settlement – an impressive timeframe considering it was a separation of 2 units involving permitting, construction, inspections, and a negotiation with D.C.’s Tax Office! Your oversight and management of the complex processes and legal documentation was excellent. We will enthusiastically recommend you to all!"

--- Rusty, Jennifer, and Kit Johnson, Washington, DC and Sykesville, MD

"Dear Hill,

"I do appreciate the attention you gave to [selling my home] … I have been impressed (as I knew I would be) with your enthusiasm and professionalism in dealing with this listing.. [you] have been fabulous and we hope that Miller recognizes your tremendous asset to the company! It was only because of you that we went with Miller. … I will, OF COURSE, sing your praises to anyone I know interested in real estate! ... [Y]ou are a tremendous agent – I truly feel that you have been doing a fabulous job on advising me and getting the word out on my house, even within this ridiculous environment."

--- Lynn Rogerson, Alexandria, VA

"To Whom It May Concern:

" Hill Slowinski arranged what we thought was impossible. Our family of four needed a temporary home while our own house was undergoing renovation and expansion. Hill located a private home just two blocks away from ours in our own neighborhood, negotiated a lease with very careful owners, and coordinated the terms to meet ours and the owners' needs. With Hill's involvement, the process was flawless and extremely well organized. All we had to do was write a few checks! Hill far exceeded our expectations and made the transaction seem effortless."

--- Stephanie and Randy Beehler, Bethesda, MD

'Dear Hill:

"We were delighted to read … about the excellent job you did with the Inauguration event for Leasing Services. This is certainly deserving of a special Long & Foster Service Award. It is people like you that help make Long & Foster as successful as it has been over these last 41 years. We appreciate it and thank you."

– P. Wesley Foster, Chairman/CEO
– Dave Stevens, President/COO
Long & Foster, Chantilly, VA

ActiveRain Real Estate Network (219,221 members):
Hill Slowinski's rank among all agents:
Washington, DC: 6 /324
Maryland: 58 /2,986 ▪ Montgomery County: 19 /592 ▪ Bethesda: 2 /119
▪ Chevy Chase: 2 /16 ▪ Potomac: 2 /37
Virginia: 71 /3,904 ▪ Alexandria: 5 /71 ▪ Arlington: 7 /135 ▪ Fairfax County: 20 /831

I enjoy helping my clients, ... and it shows ...

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Price : $3,000
MlsNumber : MC8296427
Address : 4904 NEWPORT AVE
Bedrooms : 5
Bathrooms : 2

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Let me do the legwork for you. I have the resources and ready access to proprietary databases on real property. For example:

* Need a good window washer, floor refinisher, painter, electrician, or kitchen remodeler?
I have the W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors Resource List for the proven quality vendors our agents have used and recommended in the past.

* Want to know if your dream home is for sale or if a lot on which to build your own is available?
I’ll research and list for you what is available.

* Need to find current tax assessment rates or records or zoning regulations?
I will point you to the resources or get them for you.

* Need a market value for your home?
I’ll give you a Competitive Market Analysis, current and exact.

* Curious how active your neighborhood or zip code is for sales?
I’ll provide you the Neighborhood Sales Statistics and Zip Code sales statistics.

* Thinking of selling or buying and considering the marketing method for an auction instead of traditional brokerage?
I have resources and experience to help you decide which road to take.

* Looking for foreclosure properties for investment or for comparison?
I have the most current database available on pre-foreclosure, auction, and bank owned properties.

* Want to downsize and don’t know what to do with extra furniture, jewelry, and artwork?
I can recommend reputable auction houses and consignment stores that will help you.

I can help you and people you care about in so many ways. Keep me at the top of your list to call for our best information, tools, and services.

In addition, I contribute part of each commission I earn to school financial aid programs to support student tuitions.

©2010 Hill Slowinski. All Rights Reserved.

Call me for the resources
that will help you.
FREE Workshops and Seminars

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FREE Home Buyer & Seller Seminar Series

SELLERS: Why Your House WILL Sell When Others Don’t
BUYERS: How to Prepare For, Find, and GET the Home You Want

Navigating today's dramatically changing real estate market can be challenging. Add to that the complexities of buying or selling a home and you have the makings for a whole lot of confusion. These free seminars will give you the tools, resources, and information needed to make the best decisions for one of your biggest investments.

SELLER’S OUTLINE: Sell Your House This Year: Why Your House WILL Sell When Others Don’t
Description: Tips, advice and suggestions to help your home outshine the competition in today’s buyer’s market. Topics covered include: The Seller’s Role: • Getting your property market-ready • Understanding buyer expectations • Seven pitfalls to avoid Your Agent’s Role: • Up-to-the-minute market conditions • Marketing Do’s and Don’ts • Leveraging relationships • Pricing strategies for value Making the Sale: • Attractive buyer financing options to consider • Flexible negotiations • Win-Win results

BUYERS OUTLINE: Buy Your Dream Home This Year: How to Prepare For and Find THE Home you Want
Tips, advice and suggestions to help you succeed in geting your next home in today’s buyer’s market. Topics covered include:
The Buyer’s Role: • Getting your financial profile ready • Understanding seller expectations • Seven pitfalls to avoid. Your Agent’s Role: • Up-to-the-minute market conditions • Buying Do’s and Don’ts • Leveraging relationships • Comparing strategies for value Making the Purchase: • Attractive financing options to consider • Flexible negotiations • Win-Win results

For seminar outlines see Hill Slowinski Real Estate
or for more information please contact me:


FREE Re-Usable Grocery-Size Tote Bags

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Let’s Help The Environment

The Facts: Paper / Plastic • Plastic bags consume 40% less energy to produce than paper bags • Plastic bags generate 80% less solid waste than paper bags • During their lifecycle paper bags produce 70 times more air pollutants than plastic bags • Paper bags produce 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags • BUT, plastic takes up to 1,000 years to decompose!

The Big Blue 'Green' Alternative
I have large grocery-size reusable bags for my clients, upon request

• These are made of durable, long lasting fabric from 100% recycled materials
• The bags are 100% recyclable
• The handles are stitched down the front of the bag providing extra strength
• There is a 100% recycled plastic insert for the bottom of the bag for added stability

Let's All Do Our Part


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W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors®,
Long & Foster®, & YOU

Search For ANY Property Here:

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Hill's Contact Information

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Hill Slowinski
Bethesda All Points Miller Sales
4701 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD, 20816

(301) 229-4000 X 8430
(301) 452-1409
(301) 229-4015

Follow me on:

Hill's Key Business Staff

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Daniel Jay, NMLS# 192494
Senior Loan Officer
Prosperity Mortgage

Susan J. Evans, CIC, CPIW
Insurance Manager
Long & Foster Insurance Agency, Inc.
866.ASK.4LFI (275.4534) x8602

Michael Seay
W.C. & A.N. Miller REALTORS®

Susan Sanford
VP, Associate Broker

Carolyn Tetzloff

Jennifer Murray
Administrative Assistant
Fine Estate Auctions

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When clients engage me either with Sloans & Kenyon in its business association with Fox Residential Auctions to market fine real estate or with my renowned real estate brokerage of W.C. & A.N. Miller, A Long & Foster Co. , they find our service levels cannot be matched. As Consultant on Luxury Real Estate for Sloans & Kenyon and its clients, I offer a full array of specialized services in support of professionally marketed residential real estate auctions.

I leverage Sloans & Kenyon’s relationships and the power of our exclusive affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate, W.C. & A.N. Miller’s deep local roots and unparalleled agent network, and Long & Foster’s Extraordinary Properties to marketing real estate. We strive to deliver unmatched exposure, professional solutions, uncommon service, and options to clients seeking the best in residential real estate sales, purchases, and leasing.

My clients continue to consult me for advice, guidance, and support. I understand their real estate needs, keep in touch after delivery of services, and am committed to my role as case manager, problem solver, skilled negotiator, market expert, and resource for information.

Sloans & Kenyon
Auctioneers and Appraisers
7034 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Your Goal is ...:

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